Soliton is a studio monitor for the homes of audio professionals or discriminating audio enthusiasts.

Direct Digital Loudspeaker system can be driven from 2496 soundcards such as Lynx Studio Technology: AES16e or RME Hammerfall DSP AES-32.

high quality black lacquer finish.

can be  easily integrated into studio/home theatre.

dsp controlled active four way  loudspeaker.

custom scanspeak drivers used throughout.

custom yamaha power amplifiers, 1.6 kw / loudspeaker class ab, ieee power engine, axial cooling

multi-chamber acoustic suspension loaded driver enclosures.

minimal energy storage cavity and enclosure damping system.

ultra low directivity omni directional monopole.

digital time delay coherent driver correction.

each loudspeaker can have unique delay for difficult listening positions or for integration into theatre application.

digital room equalization.

balanced or unbalanced analog input, aes/ebu digital input.

24 bit 96 khz akm dsp.

1" ring radiator, 2.8" upper midrange, 6.5" lower midrange, 10" bass drive

networked pc control for large applications.

112 db sound pressure, self protection limiter per driver

unlimited user adjustable equalization curves available

10 year unlimited warranty

guaranteed to move you, Soliton can reproduce the most delicate passages with subtility and at the same time unleash a torrent of power with precision and accuracy.

please contact us for further details.

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